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My Husband Makes Another Man Make Love to Me

A five - year - marriage is on a descending into ruins as a Mrs. Musilimat Olasuyi told an Igando Customary Court in Lagos that her husband, Oluwagbemiga, allowed another man to have extra marital affairs with her in their matrimonial home.

The 48 - year - old business woman told the court on Monday that the man had intercourse with her in her wedding home with her husband’s endorsement.

According to the woman who was accused of infidelity, she had claimed in the courts that" It was not her fault.

"I didn't willfully submit myself yet the man being referred to as my lover enchanted me to have intercourse with me especially with my husband's orders for his selfish ambitions," she said.
The applicant said that her spouse tossed her effects out of her marital home when she went on a trip amid which the cash she kept (over N 800 , 000 ) inside her distinctive boxes were stolen .

"I went to the Medical Hospital to cater for my little girl, a daughter from my first marriage, who experienced a gas blast.

“There, I was informed that my husband accompanied some young men to our home to pack every one of my property outside.
"After some days; I got back home and I found that all my containers and packs had been stripped; some were missing and my cash was stolen.

"My gems esteemed at N 250 , 000 and the N 250 , 000 which was given to me by my son in - law to begin the development deals with his landed property near us were missing .

" Also , N100,000 for my client ' s cassava (garri) , N 250 , 000 being our mosque' s cash kept in my care and N 30, 000 my trading cash got missing . ''

Musilimat presented a written appeal to the court looking for redress and judicial sanctions against her spouse.

The estranged woman needed to know whether it was legitimate for her husband to toss her property out without a request from the court.

She likewise requested to know whether her husband would not be at risk for the cost of her lost cash and property.

The wife was likewise asking for the court to know whether her husband ought not to pay the inconvenience for her and her child gotten from the marriage who have been destitute.
She begged the court to break down the marriage saying that she does not love her husband anymore.
However, the applicant s spouse, Oluwagbemiga , blamed his estranged wife for treachery.
“My wife does not have any regard for her marriage vow, she had intercourse to her concubine on our wedding bed.”

The 55 - year - old Supplier of construction Sands likewise said that, his wife was fetish.

"My better half is diabolical, she returns home with various charms and items; she gave me a soap up to nine times to bath with.”

According to him, he had given his estranged wife a three-month quit notice to abandon his home yet she declined.

"I gave her a quit notice to go out; she instructed me to do my worse and that she was going no place.

"So, I didn't have any other choice than to pack her things out from my home," he said.
The respondent agreed to the disintegration of marriage, saying the love between them had since a long time ago faded.
Reacting to Musilimat's request, the Court’s Justice , Mr. Associated Akinniyi , said that it wasn't right in a legitimate marriage for a spouse to pack out his better half ' s assets from their marital home .
“It is legitimately wrong for a man to toss out his wife's property.
"The respondent ought to have asked for the return of the dowry from the wife's parents.

“Better yet, he ought to have sought for the disintegration of the marriage at the official courtroom before making such a move.

"The spouse also ought to have leased another flat for his wife and the young daughter since he doesn't need her anymore.

“He ought to have moved her effects there for safe keeping, before her return trip.

According to the President" The husband will be in held responsible for any cost of missing assets and the wife is entitled to compensation.

Akinniyi asked the divided couple to keep up peace and postponed the case until April 26 for judgment.

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