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Uriel Oputa Slams Fans over Shaming her Saggy Breasts

The Big Brother Naija 2017 star, Uriel Ngozi Oputa, took to her Instagram page to drag her fans all females, who body-disgraced her over her non-lively boobs.

According to Uriel who in her reaction unveiled that it took her 10 years to acknowledge her 'droopy' boobs, she simply needs to be cheerful.

To her devotee @jessiemoney, Uriel composed;

“Disgrace to womanhood... Next picture loading... you come on my page to bring me down.. by now you should know I don't care .. your a mother and YOU said such nasty words to me.. I pray no 1 would ever speak Ill of your children . Deleting soon... I'm sooo disgusted by certain women you act like we can choose our body parts .. I Never choose my body it's all God.. I could have spoke about you not having hips but I looked at your beautiful boobs and said God is great.”
Stop body shaming
To Muliqueen, she composed;

Disrespect to womanhood.. You said such a large number of pernicious things I figure you need attention.... well here you go.. I looked on your page and sister I could say come make I dash you some decent hair and make up yet I didn't I acknowledged that we don't all have a similar pocket so cutting you down due to your appearance isn't right... my body is my sanctuary a Gift from God my better half's heaven. My bosom isn't energetic yet I cherish them it took me 10 years to acknowledge them.. I simply need to be upbeat that is all on the off chance that I dont adore me by what means will my man love me?? Pls stop body disgracing

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