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Ararume Called Me 'Okoro Awusa' - Rochas Threatens

The Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha has featured reasons Senator Ifeanyi Araraume would fail woefully if allowed to keep running in the 2019 race as the banner man of the decision party in the state APC.

Ararume is one of the governorship applicants of the All Progressive Congress, APC, in the state.

The Governor likewise advised Ararume to leave the APC to any other political party if he truly believes he has what it takes to win the election. 

Okorocha, in an extensive interview made accessible to columnists in Owerri by his Chief Press Secretary, Sam Onwuemeodo on Sunday said that he would not permit Ararume "crush" the party.
Okorocha asserted that Araraume added to the hardships and woes of his previous ruling party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) before forsaking it.

The announcement declared that, "He was one of the individuals who called Rochas 'Alhaji in the Government House' and 'Okoro Hausa'.

The truth is he won't be permitted to do to APC what he did to APP, PDP and ACN.

"It is tragic that a previous Senator of Chief Araraume's stature should be telling cheap lies over an issue that is notable to all Nigerians who had followed events in APC right from the start. 

"Senator Araraume has never been a decent Party man. A decent Partyman is the person who, when he looses the Primary, would work to support the candidate of the Party.

Representative Araraume has never done that. Furthermore, we won't enable him to devastate APC like he has done to some other Political parties." 

"Additionally clarifying how Araraume put a spanner in the advance of PDP, in addition to his claims as  being one of the Pioneers of APC.

Okoroacha claimed that, "he (Ararume) was in Court with Ihedioha until the point when elections were conducted. And that he also just started to relate with APC amid the Supplementary race for the governorship elections. 

"All in all, if Senator Araraume Contested the PDP governorship Primary in 2015, would he be able to have in the situation likewise been one of the originators of APC? The appropriate response is clearly in the negative."

"What we don't do is to enable opponents of the government to profit by their lies. We will keep on submerging their lies.

"In case we have forgotten, Senator Araraume was the Pioneer State Chairman of APP. But, before the 1999 electoral decision, he deserted the Party following a development that will be a story another time.

The late Evan Enwerem took him to Chief I.D. Nwoga and late Emeka Echeruo who were pioneers of the PDP in the State at that point and secured ticket for him for Okigwe Senatorial zone and that was the manner by which he went to the Senate.

"In PDP, year 2007, he battled the sitting senator at that point, Achike Udenwa, to a halt, took away the Party structure from Udenwa and rose the governorship applicant of the PDP. Chief Udenwa chose to reveal to him that he was a sitting Governor and afterward bolstered Chief Ikedi Ohakim of PPA, and he won.

"He additionally battled Chief Ohakim from the same Okigwe zone with him up to the Supreme Court and lost. What's more, in 2011, he cleared out the PDP and turned into the governorship Candidate of the ACN. In the governorship decision appropriate he came fourth and couldn't win any of the 27 LGAs in the State. 

"Coincidentally, where might Senator Araraume get the votes to win governorship decision in the State. Is it Owerri Zone whose individuals still feel that he is one of the significant issues of PDP and Ihedioha or Okigwe Zone where the general population of the region still trust that he was the reason for Ohakim's bombed second term offer or Orlu Zone individuals who consider him to be the individual who never permitted their child, Achike Udenwa to have a peaceful handover."

"Past the false claims in the media, let one take a seat to envision the destiny of APC in the South-East or in Imo without Rochas Okorocha."

Okorocha additionally tested Araraume to join a new party, as he did in 2011, if he claims he has the structure to win decisions, to test his poularity.

"If he truly believes that he has what it takes to win any gubernatorial elections, let him do what Rochas did in 2011 by picking the ticket of APGA that was not on ground and won and in 2015 when he defied all odds by joining the merger that brought forth APC and still won," Governor Okorocha expressed. 

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