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Malaysia Propose Jail Term for Fake News Bloggers

Dispersal of phony news may start to gain defaulters some chilling in prison according to the newly proposed Malaysian laws.

Malaysia's decision Barisan Nasional party tabled a bill in parliament on Monday to address 'counterfeit news', as the nation prepares for national elections.

On the off chance that the bill moves toward becoming law the way things are, those liable of "making, offering, or distributing counterfeit news through print or digital means" could be fined more than 100,000 dollars and imprisoned for up to 10 years.

Malaysia is required to hold national electoral decisions soon, and the new law has provoked opponents of the administration to presume that it is attempting to divert from an embarrassing scandal including state funded 1MDB.

Head administrator Najib Razak has denied charges from being included with reserves, purportedly received from 1MDB, which were found in his own financial accounts, as uncovered by outside media in 2015.

Najib will be contesting the next elections against ex-chief Mahathir Mohamad.

The Election polls are slated to happen before August 24.

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