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Man Who Camouflages as Lady Caught in Night Club

A young fellow who masked as a woman keeping in mind the end goal which was ‘to loosen up in dance club’ - was apprehended during the time spent in his disgraceful demonstration.
As indicated by an online report, the man was held in a dance club in the wake of eating Sharwama, Suya and sufficiently devouring brew.

He was mortified and shamed after his demonstration was revealed as his photographs were taken to demonstrate his genuine ''manhood''.

A Facebook handlers who lives in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Simeon Nsirim Chukwu shared the photos while informing us that;

Our young fellows should be careful with who they blend around evening to night time with.

This young fellow who camouflage himself as a lady was caught in a dance night club in the wake of eating sharwama, suya and expending enough lager. Poverty in the land…

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