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Primary School Children Killer Caught (Graphic Pictures)

Primary School children who were murdered in a gruesome manner on Monday 12th March 2018 has revealed the killer to be alleged by some as a mentally unstable man.

This is the man who was responsible for the death of  two primary school pupils of St Johns Anglican school, Agodo , Ogun Waterside side local government of Ogun state.

However, some said he his mentally challenged yet shockingly he ran away after his foul deeds were discovered.

The man who is identified as Lekan horrifyingly killed two primary school pupils inside their school premises in a way suspected to be for ritual purposes.

He was apprehended at Ogbere J4 while fleeing for safety to an unidentified location.

Investigations are still currently ungoing to unravel the devious mystery surrounding the murder of the children .

He has been given over to the police at Abigi.

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