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Spanish White National beaten to a Pulp by Robbers in Nigeria

 News Reports have reached us that a strong gathering of armed robbers completely arranged and massively prepared raided a home in the Sapele region of Delta state, Nigeria.

The punks who arrived with different weapons, destroyed and wrecked devastation on the tenants including a man who moved from Spain with his wife.

As per reports, the white man migrated with his better half from Spain to Sapele and has been living in the territory for around two years now. 

The brazen robbers apparently utilized wood on the couple alongside tomahawks as they were beaten and harmed during the time spent the in the course of the burglary.

The following is the thing that Rexbtony Omaghomi Okoroatsegor shared on Facebook;

"Hooligans went to my mum's Residence demolish properties shot and harmed my mum and her Husband and my Brother.

This occurred in Sapele Delta state Nigeria on the 25th of March 2018 they worked for near 3hours without any reaction from police or vigilantes from 12:00AM to 3:30AM.

They were possessed with various weapons cutlasses and iron cutters which they utilized on the burglary shielded doors and windows. 

What gave them intense time was the metal door else they would have wrecked more destruction and they carried off some cash and resources crushing our vehicle.  Yet while they were in a hurry to escape after the incident, a cut to size gun apparently fell off from one of the robbers.

It's even sufficient to know that my youthful sibling escaped earlier to get neighbors yet no one turned out, even when he additionally rushed to Ghana street Police station in Sapele which was the nearest to us at Anigboro Rd around Owumi/abeke and they said its not their Business ( in their words they stated: e no concern us) asking him my more youthful one to go to the Main Police station after stadium which is far away.

Please heed my advice and don't depend on extravagant doors, always utilize those iron doors developed by welders it helps cos if it had been the fancy one it won't have required investment and time to break in.

I express gratitude toward God for Life as my mum survived the weapon shot at her."

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