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Woman Arrested: For Using Hot Water & Heated Iron on Maid

The Lagos State Police Charge has captured one Nkeiruka Ngwu, female, 36 years of age of 47 Ogundana Road, off Allen Road, Ikeja, a mother of four kids, for physically manhandling her ten-year - old househelp by name Chioma Samuel whom she conveyed to Lagos from Umuoju, Ngwu in Abia State at some point in January 2018 after the demise of the young lady's dad.

An announcement by the charge's representative, SP Chike Oti, says Nkeiruka Ngwu has made life a horrendous experience for the youngster. Chioma has been rationally and physically manhandled with numerous damage imprints to appear for it. Her most recent story of misfortunes was recorded on Wednesday seventh of March, 2018 when the presume purportedly utilized a very much warmed garments iron to cause egregious damage on the casualty's hands and legs. She additionally poured heated water on her which burnt her skin.

Notwithstanding, on Thursday 8 March, 2018, Nkeiru's measure of evildoing got filled when she conveyed her kids to a tuition based school found some place in Ikeja, tragically for her, according to different moms who went to a similar school to drop off their children, saw the vast injuries on the upper and lower appendages of the casualty who went with the suspect to the school. Subsequent to scrutinizing the young lady, they sat tight for her Madam who had gone to drop her children in their distinctive classrooms. When she completed and was going to drive off, she was gone up against by these ladies who about mobbed her. They were quieted by a few instructors who heard their voices. The ladies advised the suspect to take the young lady to a healing center or else they would appeal to the Magistrate of Police Lagos State whom Lagosians have come to know as one who takes solid position against such violations and other related wrongdoings against kids, ladies and helpless people in the general public.

Regardless of their notice to report her to the specialists, Mrs Nkeiruka Ngwu like the famous canine that wouldn't notice to its lord's clarion call when passing is hiding around the bend, adamantly went to the school on Friday ninth March, 2018, joined by the youngster casualty whose injuries were clearly untreated.

On observing that their notices were underestimated, the ladies made great their guarantee to call the consideration of the Official of Police,Lagos State to the issue. The CP instantly requested the capture of the lady and coordinated the Sex Area of the Order to take the tyke casualty to police healing facility for legitimate treatment. They are to guarantee that the young lady is sustained exceptionally well until the Social Welfare Bureau of the Lagos State Government desire the young lady .

Examination concerning the case is in advance in the mean time the grown-up wrongdoer would have her day in the courtroom on Monday twelfth March, 2018.

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