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Man Hires Prostitutes to Celebrate $96k Settlement & Got Robbed

A man who contracted three whores to celebrate a $96,000 payday from a legitimate settlement was burglarized in a Queens motel, cops said Thursday.

The 30-year-old casualty got together with one of the ladies at the Van Cortlandt Motel on Broadway in Woodside Sunday night, police said.

As indicated by NY Daily, he revealed his sack brimming with $96,000 money to the Prostitute, and she called two of her companions, cops said.

The casualty was seeking after a foursome, yet the whores had an alternative idea. They carried two men alongside them — including one who was a wanted criminal who was being tracked by the police.

After robbing the Customer who contracted them, the men bounced into a dark minivan and drove off with the plunder, police said.

Cops discharged photographs and video of the suspects, and are requesting that anybody with vital information as to the whereabouts of the Criminals should call 911.

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