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President Buhari Administration - a Governing Dissappointment

It is safe to say that for the past two years in  Nigeria, we as a group of people within her geographical borders have witnessed an unprecedented change, a change we cannot seem to fathom nor understand. A change that has no principles, no basis, no ideologies, no concepts whatsoever.

The administration
of President Muhammadu Buhari is candidly the worst we have seen so far in the history of our young nation called Nigeria . Borne from a colonial past and a  vibrant future.  Our people have witnessed a government built on the pillars of lies, propaganda and media trials targeted at their perceived enemies and opposition, the former ruling Peoples Democratic Party.

Many have come to share the views of the Adminstration  as useless, irrelevant and economically retrogressive  in the cause of social improvement and welfare of the people.

The administration of President Muhammadu Buhari had no strong opposition in its first two years of office which led to the power vacuum of a government being in charge or ruling and opposing its own ruling in a comical manner.

While in retrospect Buhari became his own biggest opposition, paving the way for other self serving dissidents to take control of his own government some Nigerians might argue that, well, Buhari came in when Nigeria's oil prices were dwindling with a massive welcomed promise to reform the government.

While some of those claims might seem fabricated or blown out of economic proportions, based on various forms of financial mismanagement and high handedness by the then ruling People's Democratic Party. none of these actions seem to equate to what we see today.

The so called Financial Anti-Corruption Drive of the President is evidently hogwash and fabricated in the face of massive looting, high handedness, nepotism, serfdom, and economic sabotage by none other than the Classical Buhari's Government itself. For me there's a saying, 'If only, 'the piper dictates the tune'.

The part that is most difficult to understand is, 'What drives Buhari's Leadership style and strategy? Is he not concerned about the economy of the southern part of Nigeria? Is he holding grudges against an entire peoples only because their crime was not to vote him? What are his principles? Is crime freely acceptable to him once you fall under the banner of his political umbrella?

The most popular slogan in Nigeria at this moment is 'Every Apc Change Agent is a Saint' while the rest are Demons.

If only we can decipher what Buhari's vision seems to be after winning the 2015 Elections albeit with irregularities and electoral manipulations no one wishes to challenge to this very day, then we would know the way further for Nigeria.

2019 Presidency elections are around the corner and all we want to know is Who will take us there? Who will lead the bridle of the Continent to where it needs to be? Who will bring about the much desired dividends of Democracy where there is plentiful employment and resources are well managed?

The Buhari Administration hangs with the Question in the Title above. If only they would Operate a better change.

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