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Recently DC Comics have published tales of humans having Kryptonian like powers in another planetary environment such as Zurenarrh in Batman#113.

Batman finds himself on another planet through a teleportation rip in the fabric of Space and time and gradually gains superpowers through the planet's atmosphere.

Batman's powers are a result of his exposure to an element called Rodon in Zurenatth's planetary environment.

Batman suceeds in defeating that planet's Arch-villain Rohtul at the resolution of the story and Green Arrow arrives at the scene gaining the same superman like powers in the planet's atmosphere

These powers include:
*Super-human strength
*Freeze Vision
*Microscopic Vision
*Tactile Telekinesis

This element is not only found in Zurenarrh's atmospshere but also billions of other planets in D.C's Universe as it affects the physiology of all Earth-men granting them god-like status as long as they are exposed to its radiation.

Now humans could evidently be on par with or even stronger than Kryptonians on other extra-terrestrial planets.

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