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Rachel Zoe Shockingly Announces She Is 9 Months Pregnant

Rachel Zoe Shockingly Announces She Is 9 Months Pregnant: See Tiny Bump

Rachel Zoe 9 Months Pregnant

When Rachel says ‘literally,’ it doesn’t necessarily mean literally, but this time it’s true! The celebrity stylist said that she is ‘literally nine months pregnant,’ and we couldn’t have been more shocked! She barely has any hint of a baby bump!

Rachel Zoe is expecting her second child with her husband Rodger Bermann very soon! So soon, in fact, that Rachel revealed on Nov. 9 that she will not be stepping out until it’s time to deliver her baby! It’s shocking to learn she is full term, because she’s still so tiny!

Rachel Zoe 9 Months Pregnant: Stylist Is Full Term With Tiny Baby Bump

Rachel is really enjoying her second pregnancy — and it’s quickly coming down to the last moments before her second son arrives! “It’s wonderful. It’s great,” Rachel told Us Weekly of how her pregnancy is going. “I mean, I’m literally 9 months pregnant so this I think will probably be one of my last outings,” Rachel said of attending the Baby2Baby Gala in Culver City, Calif. on Nov. 9.
So what will Rachel be doing with her final weeks of pregnancy? “I’m going into hibernation!” she exclaimed.
Even though Rachel admitted that she will be staying in for the remainder of her pregnancy, she revealed that she actually is considering what she will wear when she goes to the hospital! ”I am actually trying to plan that,” she told Us Weekly. ”I really am actually! You try to stay as chic as long as you can.”

Rachel Zoe Reveals She’s Doing ‘Nothing’ To Lose Weight After Baby

Rachel is unconcerned about losing the baby weight — most likely because it doesn't appear that she actually gained any.
Rachel said she will be doing “nothing” out of the ordinary to lose weight after the baby arrives. “Chase a toddler and be a mother,” she told Us Weekly. “Any new mother will tell you don’t have to exercise, you just have to be a mom. Being a mom is the best exercise!”

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