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Chris Brown: Why He Requested Female Doctors In Rehab

Chris is quite the ladies man — and that’s carrying over into his anger management treatment! Find out the odd request Chris asked of his doctors.

Chris Brown is used to being told “yes,” so it comes as no surprise that the singer asked staff at the facility where he’s being treated for anger management to be seen by FEMALE doctors.

Revealed: Why Chris Brown Demands Women Doctors

Chris, 24, voluntarily checked himself into a rehabilitation center in October to deal with his anger and relationship issues. We’re told Chris finds it “easier” to talk to women, and that’s why he requested a female doctor.
“He’s having some trouble talking about his issues because it’s hard and he’s never had to really sit down and examine his life and his actions,” a source familiar with the situation reveals. “He wanted to have a female therapist because he thinks he can sweet talk women. That’s just Chris!”
Unfortunately for the singer, the request fell on deaf ears.
“He’s working with two males, a therapist and an anger management counselor,” our source tells us. “Karrueche [Tran]and his mother think that’s good. He needs better relationships with men anyway and it’s a good fit for him.”

Karrueche Tran Is A Beacon Of Support For Chris Brown

As we previously reported, Karrueche has been a beacon of support for Chris and is allowed to comfort him by telephone while he’s in treatment.
We EXCLUSIVELY revealed the contents of the couple’s sacred phone calls and learned they only talk about “positive” things — not Chris’ legal battles or the possibility of him facing jail time.
“He doesn’t talk about [the bad things] and he really doesn’t need to focus on that,” a source told us. “That’s what Kae says the doctors told him. And when they talk, she doesn’t bring that up. His main focus is to just deal with his issues and leave all that negativity alone. He is trying to be detached from the world and get inside his head.”
Is Chris crazy for requesting female docs?

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