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Father Hacks Off Man's Leg for Defiling His 6 Month Old Baby

 A 36-year-old man has arrived in a healing facility following claims of polluting a 6-month old infant in Edo state.

The charged was supposedly gotten in the demonstration while embeddings his finger into the child's private part. Out of inconvenience, the child's dad removed the man's leg with a cleaver.

As indicated by Prince Gwamnishu Harrison, the father was detained for taking the laws into his hand charged for 'Egregious Harm' and the man that polluted a half year old child is accepting treatment at the clinic (Both turned Accused).

The hacked off leg was rejoined by specialists at the doctor's facility.

The Father of the defiled child purportedly uncovered at the station that he remove the leg out of inconvenience and said he needs to pull back the charge (Defilement) against the man to recover his freedom.

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