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Man 40 Years Arrested For Rape of 10 Year Old

A man distinguished as Ebenezer Ibebgu has been captured by the police regarding youngster assault and attack, Ebenezar who hails from Imo state yet dwells and works together in Okaiuga Nkwoegwu, Ohuhu, in Umuahia north LGA of Abia state is presently in police net over claims of pedophilia, assault and attack of a ten year old young lady tyke.

As indicated by the casualty, the occurrence initially happened around three weeks back when she went to get some nourishment thing from the offender, the complainant asserted that Mr Ibebgu attracted her into his store with yogurt drink and bread rolls, beat her up with a stick and coercively embedded his joystick into her private part, The casualty likewise guaranteed that therefore after the principal assault, Mr Ibebgu constrained himself again on her on two different events.

The occurrence was first answered to Chief Sir Obi Aguocha, the President General of Okaiuga Nkwoegwu Autonomous people group who took up the issue and promptly brought the consideration of the magistrate of police and the administration house to the episode.

The magistrate of police Mr Anthony Ogbizi quickly requested that therapeutic checks be directed on the casualty by the police center in Umuahia where a trench pollution of the casualty was set up through restorative reports.

Advance examinations uncovered that the Mr Ibegbu has been a serial attacker and pedophile and has been completing the mischievous demonstration of youngster assault on a considerable measure of kids matured between 5 to 10 inside the group, and any young lady tyke who declines his bait will be physically struck to accommodation and assaulted by the guilty party who is matured between 40 to 45 years and wedded with kids.

Boss Aguocha, depicted Mr Ibebgu as a serial pedophile and tyke attacker with past known predecessors in the group, whose wrongdoings never observed the light of the day because of the neediness idea of the casualties families, he said that frequently the groups of the casualties has declined to convey such occurrences to the consideration of law implementation organizations due to the disgrace and shame regularly connected with such episodes in our general public.

The President General who said that he has likewise taken the case to the International Federation of Women Lawyers in Nigeria guaranteed the general population and the casualties family that he will guarantee that equity is done as such as to send signs to other individuals who might be in the profane demonstration of tyke assault and attack to cease in light of the fact that once they are gotten he will guarantee they will never go unpunished.

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