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Nigerian Human Trafficked Victim Recounts Ordeal

A Nigerian casualty of human trafficking, who portrayed her experience to top government authorities in the nation, including the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has said that she was always compelled to have s*x even while on period.

The casualty, whose name was not uncovered, shared her story on February 26 in Benin City, Edo State, amid a Roundtable on Migration and Human Trafficking composed by the Nigerian Senate.

The video of the roundtable, which contained casualties' declarations, is posted on the Senate Facebook page.

The casualty was 19 when she was trafficked from Edo State to Russia and constrained into prostitution for a long time, as indicated by data in the video.

Prostitution is illicit in Russia.

The casualty, free from her traffickers and no longer into prostitution, is currently hitched and pregnant.

"They disclosed to me I was going into prostitution for a half year," she said. "I was going there to profit to facilitate my training.

"We needed to lay down with various types of men. It was in the city. We were remaining out and about," she said.

The casualty said she in transit with other trafficked Nigerian young ladies, typically left home by 3 p.m to remain in the city, requesting for s*x, till 3 a.m the following day.

They were compelled to have s*x notwithstanding when on monthly cycle, she said. "She (my madam) would state no (we can't stop work), there is a tissue she used to provide for us to piece it (the monthly cycle). She doesn't enable us to remain at home," she said.

"We paid our madam for sustenance, garments, and furthermore contributed cash for the house lease. We purchased the condoms ourselves."

The casualty likewise discussed the quantity of customers and cash she made in a day.

"It depends… . Here and there, six, seven or eight customers.

"1,000 rubles for every customer. For a whole day, you could make 10,000 rubles, on the off chance that you are fortunate you could make 15, 000," she said.

One thousand rubles is around 17 US dollars, which is around 6,120 naira.

She described how she was regularly struck by men and furthermore captured and kept for a considerable length of time by the police.

"I was pummeled and assaulted by four men. They even urinated on me when I requesting that they pay me.

"I couldn't have cared less to answer to the Russian specialists that I was r*ped. Aside from the way that I didn't have a proof, I figured they will have a hard time believing me since I was a whore," she said.

The casualty said she in the long run chose to stop prostitution, and could run away to Nigeria without her universal visa through the assistance of a Nigerian she recognized as "Mr. Ken".

In any case, before then she could pay her "madam" $15,000 out of the $50,000 she was relied upon to pay keeping in mind the end goal to purchase back her flexibility in Russia.

She said she lamented her excursion to Russia, including that she wouldn't have contemplated it in any case in the event that she had the chance to go to class in Nigeria.

She spoke to Edo State government to urge young ladies to go to class or learn abilities.

The British Deputy High Commissioner in Nigeria, Laure Beaufils, said at the roundtable that "4000 to 6000 times, some Nigerian young ladies are compelled to engage in sexual relations with outsiders for whatever is left of their lives."

Mrs. Beaufils called for prompt activity that could help end human trafficking.

The Senate president, Mr. Saraki, expressed gratitude toward the casualties for sharing their encounters which he said would enable the administration to make strides towards handling human trafficking.

Mr. Saraki said the Senate was 'losing rest' over sporadic movement and human trafficking in the nation, and that as agents of the general population, "they are resolved to handle the issue."

He stated, "Nigeria at present positions 23 on the Global Slavery Index of 167 nations with the most noteworthy number of slaves.

"Human trafficking is third in the dishonorable chain of command of the usually happening violations in Nigeria, as indicated by UNESCO."

Proceeding with, Mr. Saraki stated, "Nigeria represents the world's most noteworthy number of sporadic transients experiencing the Agadez Route. Our subjects speak to the fifth biggest number of vagrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea into Europe.

"The quantity of Nigerian females touching base in Italy alone expanded 600-overlay in only three years. 10,000 Nigerians are assessed to have lost their lives on the unsafe excursion in five months of a year ago alone.

"We have seen the grim pictures of caskets of 26 Nigerian young ladies, who were let go in Italy last November. This is the thing that conveys us today to antiquated Benin."

The Senate president expressed gratitude toward the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, for "his decided authority despite the emergency" and for facilitating the roundtable.

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