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14 Year Old Thrown Out to Streets on Witchcraft Allegations

A 14-year-old young lady recognized as Favour was seen meandering in the city in Owerri, Imo state subsequent to being rendered destitute.

As per reports, the high school young lady who is a vagrant and has now swung to a poor person - was tossed out by her close relative on allegation of witchcraft. The destitute young lady was found in a staggering state along Port-Harcourt Street, after Control, Association Bank.

Ruler Gwamnishu Harrison who met with the young lady uncovered that he is intending to get a Police answer to empower him take her to the healing center.

He additionally spoke to nationals to connect with Imo State Service of Ladies undertakings, Service of bliss and Imo State Government to enable me to restore Support.

Online clients have responded to this - with numerous adage the police weren't right in capturing the man and his sweetheart since they are the two grown-ups and can do whatever they like..

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