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Boko Haram Devising New Modes Of Application

Members of the Boko Haram sect have now devised a new mode of operation as they now resort to destroying farmlands yet to be harvested by setting such farms on fire.

Boko Haram sect members now dress in female Islamic clothing to attack Soldiers, police stations and Government facilities in Borno State, pointblanknews security sources reveal.
This is even as explosion, suspected to have been planted by the Boko Haram Militants shook part of Maiduguri, the Borno State Capital today.

The bomb was said to have gone off when suspected Boko Haram members attempted to resist the civilian JTF from entering their hideout, sources said.
The blast which allegedly  occurred at about 1:15pm was followed by series of gun shots, suspected to be from the. Security operatives.

Eyewitness account reveals that  the blast occurred when some youth group , known as Civilian JTF attempted entering Jajeri ward, which is one of the major hideout  of the Boko Haram but were  scared away when suspected members of Boko Haram released an improvised explosive which detonation did not harm anyone.

Meanwhile, three Suspected Boko Haram Terrorist dressed in Female clothing were today  shot dead by security operatives as they attempted to launch a deadly attack on  Ibrahim Taiwo Police Station in Maiduguri Metropolis.

About 17 other suspected members of the sect who were in female clothing with plans to attacking the police station however escaped.
According to some residents, about 20 suspected Boko Haram sects wearing Hijabs ( Veil used by muslim women to cover the body) armed with AK47 Rifles and RPGs  launched a failed attack on Ibrahim Taiwo Police Station yesterday, but they were repelled by security forces.
A security source said that an intelligence report assisted the security agencies to be on alert before the terrorists struck and failed.

According to a security source, “as soon as we received  the information that some terrorists were planning to attack the Police station, we mobilized our people to be vigilant and that was why we  were able to repelled the attack and killed three of them.
” It was when we killed three of them before we realised that all those killed were men but in women dresses”, said the security source.

The Boko Haram terrorist have continued to devise new mode of dressing recently as activities of the Civilian JTF has continued to hunt them down.
Mallam Umaru Baa ganin-laifinka, chairman of rice farmers in Konduga told reporters in Maiduguri on wednesday, "for the oast five days membersnof the boko haram have been setting gire to our rice fields and they have burnt everything leaving us with no harvest at all".

"They always come on motorbikes riding three persons per motorbike and shooting in the sir to send villagers away into the bush. Within the eeek they have killef 8 oeople in our neighbourhoods and the police has not been able to stop them".

Mallam Umaru Baa ganin-laifinka was in Maiduguri to report the incidents to the Deputy Governor of Borno State where the reporters met him. Mno confirmation of his allegations could be confirmed from security authorities.

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