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Miley Cyrus: You Really Need To Cover Up Your Lady Parts

As a big fan of Miley’s voice, I never miss a performance — but when it came to the MTV EMAs on Nov. 10, I couldn’t really hear her voice — because I was too distracted by her french cut unitard that left little to the imagination.

Miley Cyrus once again pushed the envelope at the European Music Awards, and honestly — it exposed way more than we wanted to see. She’s a stunning 20-year-old with an impressive voice, so we’d rather focus on that instead of seeing a close up view of her clearly waxed area!

Miley Cyrus: Stop Showing Off Your Lady Parts

Enough is enough — we get it. Miley went completely naked in her “Wrecking Ball” video, but I’m pretty sure the actual wrecking ball covered up more of her “lady parts” than that white unitard did!
When Miley took to the stage to perform “Wrecking Ball” and then to accept her award for Video of the Year, you see her actual tan lines from where a bikini bottom would normally go. Plus you could totally see where she got her brazilian wax!
Honestly, we’re not sure how that unitard even stayed in place! Not only is it just unnecessary, it’s a really unattractive look. Miley’s a pretty, young woman with a great body! She doesn’t need to show off every part of her pubic area.

Miley, You Can Be Sexy Without Showing Everything

If possible, she covered even less when posing recently for renowned photographer, Terry Richardson wearing a red unitard with a tiny piece of fabric covering her private area. However, she wasn’t performing in it, so a mishap was less likely to happen. At the awards, she was performing — one step in the wrong direction could show everything!
Miley should look at other young stars who constantly look sexy without looking sleazy. Look at Katy Perry — she wore a super sexy black leotard, underneath mesh sleeves and a mesh skirt for a portion of the show, as well as a skin-tight dress during the red carpet — both outfits looked absolutely stunning!
So I’ve got to say — Miley, it’s time to put some clothes on. Think of how much money you’d save from that intense waxing (or laser hair removal) that you must get every day to be able to wear those outfits. We want more of your powerful voice and less of your hairless privates!
What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Do you think that Miley needs to start wearing more clothes over her lady parts? Or do you like what she’s doing? Let us know!

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– Emily Longeretta

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