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Temptations -How Can I Avoid Lust as a Young Man

This topic is not in any way religious. It's only here for me to share my experiences because I find it darn hard to keep a clean slate. I don't think I can approach this subject broadly enough.

Lately, I've been having some trouble concentrating on what is morally right and what could be morally wrong.

Safe to say as a young full blooded human male governed by my raging hormones. I can't stress the need to ask the question, "how can I avoid temptation especially when it's so damn f*****ing tempting.

Ok okay let me go straight to the point. I attended a church program recently like a biblical program for christians and all and everything.

Coming from a christian background we were taught the basics - 'do not lie', 'do not steal', 'do not commit adultery nor fornication' - which by then I never fully seemed to understand at the time because all the adults were like hush, hush whenever you asked for explanations on fornication, adultery, sleeping with someone or even making babies.

Yeah it was that bad, while now I see the good, if only I had known that "Ignorance was Bliss" I would've stuck to my guns.

Anyways unlike our 22nd century generation kids who get speedy replies to Mom's secret FBI classified content ... lol...You know the drill - 'Google','Quora'... we were taught conservatism to a high degree.

Roll on to the next formative years of Life and whoaaaaah you've just discovered porn, Shit!!!! That mind blasting experience for some of us when you realized that, I could just touch myself and go Supernova. Lol. And next comes the desire to test our atomic bomb experiment out on someone else.

Even when subconsciously we keep trying to assure ourselves we're not in anyway breaking the code of God. I could remember going for enough alter calls and asking God for the same forgiveness almost everytime I had to jerk off to a porn video, which was priceless at that time.

A time when the secret trade of porn dvd stock exchange was at a booming high.

Little did I understand it was just teenage hormones kicking in auto drive while I tried to explain the justification of my new habit to my secret psychiatrist which is none other than me by the way.

Years pass and voila, I get a girlfriend, now getting a girlfriend didn't really mean anything because for crying out loud, I was still kinda afraid and deeply engraved with the programmed mindset that once "You touched a girl, you could get her f*****ing pregnant especially when my jerk offs contained massive amounts of sticky Juice which I just wasn't ready to mess with.

A year passes by plus two and I'm late into my teenhood and passing straight into earliest adolescence, my gf keeps pressuring because she's on the high and I need to satisfy her urges. And boom we have cosmically charged sex, I mean what could get better than this heaven which I seem to float in.  #Damn

Anyways roll up a few more years and I become a young adult in his early to mid twenties. And I want to turn a clean slate but I can't anymore.

I attend christian programmes and all and I wanna live a good life, aint married and sufficient enough to cater for kids. While trying to avoid my regular closet fantasy and the sweetness of the female anatomy, I ask myself, "How can I avoid Lust as a Young Vibrant and Sperm Filled Brother?" I guess only God can judge me now.

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